Case Study

Electronic Permit to Work Case Study

ARA TechBis is the only company in Malaysia to have successfully deployed an Electronic Permit to Work system to two different offshore oil and gas platforms operating offshore Sabah, East Malaysia. While there are other vendors out there, nobody has the ability and capacity to deliver a solid, proven solution that work in the real world in live production environments on time, on budget and to specification.

Sentinel PRO® system is the leading Global solution for frontline efficiency in hazardous activity management for the oil and gas industry. Sentinel PRO® fundamentally shifts the approach to the planning and integration of all aspects of frontline work to give real control and assurance of work activities. Sentinel PRO® recognizes and overcomes the challenges in the unstructured and dynamic nature of managing operations, maintenance and associated activity through a unified business process that integrates permit to work, risk assessment and isolation management and delivers it to the frontline user in an intuitive graphical real-time software tool. Sentinel PRO® is the original Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) solution.

The robustness of Sentinel PRO® is its core strength. The system incorporates clear process flows for request and approval of work, a direct link to relevant Operating Procedures, readily-accessible archives of previous work (including lessons learned) and area, site and plant-level overview of all controlled work by approval stage, location, time, type and risk level. This ensures people are guided to the correct operational decisions appropriate to the actual conditions and context of the work at hand.

Rules, procedures and standards can be operationalised within the system to provide enhanced and structured decision making around risk assessment requirements, permit usage, isolations and operational risk assessments. Approval levels are either built-in to the process flow or handled by interaction of the relevant plant authorities as required.

Sentinel PRO is an “n” tier architected application which operates via a thin client (standard desktop). This provides easy deployment and optimized performance speed through narrow bandwidth communications. As such, it is the ideal solution for deploying to offshore, onshore and to remote sites. Its reliability, stability and intuitive screen design make it a favourite among frontline workers who traditionally have little patience with poorly designed IT systems.

By harnessing the power and ease of use of modern technology and advanced application software development, aligned with best safety practice and risk assessment techniques, the advantages offered by Sentinel PRO® transcends the simple process of raising and issuing of permits. Just as importantly, it provides the necessary interface and means of access to a whole spectrum of safety-related management information, as well as providing the impetus and behavior to underpin an effective and efficient safety culture and operational regime. A far cry, indeed, from the obviously inherent limitations of a paper-based system.