Case Study

Internal Audit Information System Case Study

Our client is one of the largest toll expressway operator in South East Asia and one of the largest in the world in terms of market capitalization.

Being part a very large organization, the Internal Audit Department (IAD) plays a key role in ensuring that their existing highway infrastructure is in compliance to the highest safety and operational standards at all times.

The Internal Audit Information System (IAIS) was developed to support the operational activity of IAD. It focuses in the areas of operation audit and corporate audit. Built on-top of ARA TechBis’ tried and tested framework, IAIS helps IAD in capturing all audit findings and by using the integrated workflow management module; IAIS enables the different stakeholders to respond to a finding in a timely manner.

The system ensures the capture of audit information (on location/operation such as toll operation, toll float area, point of sales etc.) as the information are now centralized within the IAIS system and no longer scattered across the different stakeholders. With this system design, it also enables all audit reports to be produced on time as the report preparation progress are tracked within the system. The completed audit reports are then distributed to the Management for further analysis of the audit information and subsequent decisions.

The developed Internal Audit Information System (IAIS) system has enabled IAD is embarking on a transformation journey of achieving an integrated strategic framework, business processes, systems and, and organization that is adequate, efficient and effective in getting IAD to the desired state of quality and timely services it has in its vision and mission statements.