The Challenges

The list of challenges faced by telecommunications firms are at times endless; from changing demographics and customer needs, constantly evolving competition, stricter regulations and also financial considerations. Telecommunications companies would need to take a revolutionary leap ahead and redefine the market segment.

Our Solutions

We can help. ARA TechBis provides niche mid-tier technology solutions to NGN communication carriers i.e. Wireless, Wireline, IP, MVNO etc. Our solutions are based across technical segments like RF / Networks, OSS-BSS and VAS coupled with Managed Services, Professional Services and Consulting Services for a 360 degrees approach to our Clients.

Our strongest product capabilities revolve around VAS, End to End Roaming (including convergent Hub), Remote Services Hub, Dynamic Charging, Number Management, Intelligent Subscriber Activation Authentication, Portability, Network Analysis Tool, RF optimization, OSS-BSS, Top Up, MoTV/Mo-AD, SDP, Cell Broadcast, Intelligent IVRS, CRBT etc.

Network transformation is a revolutionary leap that promises huge gains in efficiency and completed business goals. A transformed network does more than transform the business. It can transform your future.

  • Dynamic Number Management System
  • Dynamic Changing System
  • M-Commerce
  • RF Optimization
  • RFID
  • Roaming Hub